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Archive - June 2006

Friday, 30. June 2006

"Final Beta"...


...normally Golem is one of the best german IT news sites. But in the last time they have, let's call them “bizzare” headlines. Okay, lurid headlines have been quite normal, even in professional media. But: “Final Beta?” That's like cow and stepdance. Or like flash and meaningful. Or like floppies and undestroyable. IMO the term RC would be appropriate.

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Wednesday, 28. June 2006

"The Inquirer" now available in german...


...for geeks it's like the bild (=german boulevard paper) would be released in $prefered_programminglanguage.

[via Planet3DNow!]

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Tuesday, 27. June 2006

Phew, scarry


Happend some minutes ago: I listened to the instrumentalbridge of “One Last Time(Dream Theater), that's the part in which the story is clarified and in which you notice via audio flash how the the murder that is part of the story really happened. Abruptly the windows have moved here and the printouts flew through the room. Yes, that's the right time for a thunder-storm. *shudder*

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Sunday, 25. June 2006

Concertreview: Wolfgang Schmid - A Special Kick - Munich [Update]


Yesterday evening Marco Minnemann (Drums), Wolfgang Schmid (Bass, Vocals), Libor Shima (Sax, Bassoon) and Peter Wölpl (Guitar) played for the last time this week in Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich. The four guys have recorded together in the studio for the "Kick"-project before, and played the songs they have made for their two albums, Special Kick and A Swift Kick. And I was there! (Smiley: smile)

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Friday, 23. June 2006

My Blog rules


Even when the www is a very free area, one needs rules (like in real life) so that the "living together" can work. The people of the usenet have then already detected this and they developed the netiquette thereupon.So that this blog works I have made myself a small list of blog rules.

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Wednesday, 21. June 2006

Yes, this blog is multilingual


This blog is available in two languages: In german and in english. I wasn't realising that because of too much time. I want to improve my english! I'm reading a lot of articles in english in the meantime. I'm watching the old Star Trek TOS episodes in english, too. But i'm already not feeling comfortable with this language. To improve that i really wanted to create my blog bolingual. I'm trying to translate as much posts as possible. At the moment all posts were translated.

If you need something to laugh, you can read the english version of this website, like you're doing at the moment. If you find failures, please let me know! I want to learn. That's true for both languages. (Smiley: smile)

An advice: The comment- and diskussionlefs for the germand and the english version of a post are equal. I hope the discussions will be enforced and more interesting by doing that.

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Boys, i spend a round


3 cups of tea
Teamaintenance of our little development bureao (pupil included)-
It's time for me to buy a more geeky cup...

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Tuesday, 20. June 2006

"If you could see me now" from Cecelia Ahern


I finished the third novel of one of my favourite authors Cecelia Ahern yesterday afternoon. I loved the first two novels, so i had a certain expectation about "If you could see me now". But this Ahern novel hasn't much a lot in common with the first to acts.

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Monday, 19. June 2006



Yes, i like books. Lot of types of books. Lovenovels, science-fiction stories or specialised books... I like to read. Therewith a book will be something special and more than just a "read and throw-away"-article i want to write reviews about all books, i'll read. I can have an overview in a retrospective way and perhaps i can attract attention to some of my readers to a special book.
I'm looking forward to the discussions about the books and my reviews we'll hopefully will have.

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Sunday, 18. June 2006

Thanks to Markus Gann


Almost forgotten: Perhaps you have recognized that this weblog has two different designs. You can switch the design by using the link in the category "Change the emotion".
In my design called "Not me, not I" i'm using a picture of Markus Gann in the header image. The image is one of his terragen renderings with the name "moon and stars". You can watch in in his terragen gallery number 18. He allowed me to use this picture for this weblog. A really big thanks again to Markus Gann. Please have a look at his website. He is really making unbelievable nice landscaperenderings!

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Jewel sings about geeks


The short prehistory: It was a long process for me to realise this blog. I imposed myself to listen to the new Jewel album not until i was finishing my blog. That's done now. And what am i hearing in the second song of the album? Jewel is singing about geeks.

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Saturday, 17. June 2006

"Hello world..."


Everyone who has read farther than the first 20 pages of a book of $programminglanguage knows this sentence already. Hello World. For some strange reasons i never liked that standardexample. Because everyone is using it. I've heard about an author of a programmingbook who was explicitly writing, that he will not use this sentence for the first example. I think i would like this guy. (Smiley: smile)

But i think for my first blogentry it's a compatible headline. I welcome the whole world, the blogosphere, everyone that lost his/her way to this place.

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