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Archive - September 2006

Wednesday, 27. September 2006

Highly expected: New Holly McNarland Album


Unfortunatelly the Page of Holly McNarland isn't yet online, but everyone who wants to hear a really good rocking song from her should go on the player and listen to “Dear Pain”. I think it's really on the same level as “Numb” and “Elmo” are.

And everybody who's waiting for her new album “Chin up, Buttercup” has still to wait some time. It will be released not until 2007. In the meantime there's a “online only-Mini-Album” (6 songs) called “The Komrade Sessions”. If you want to listen to some of the songs you can do this on Hollys MySpace page.

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A page to get jealous of


I don't want to cant and I don't want to post websites that just have a good or great design, there are too much of them. But this page is really good and inspiring: HoneyJazz.net. It's another example that shows, what I could do better.

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Dangerous Cookies


What would I do without them? They make my life sweet, they leave delicious crumbs that are usable as dessert and no one thinks they are a security risk for your computer (expect of the crumbs that can disappear in your keyboard, so you can't eat them up as dessert). Of course I'm talking about biscuits, the best kind of cookies and therefore the best candy on the whole world.

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Monday, 25. September 2006

For Shell-Lovers


Hehe, nice Geek Stuff: The Top Ten Unix Shell Commands You Use. Here are my results:

phil@enterprise-c ~ $ history|awk '{print $2}'|awk 'BEGIN {FS="|"} {print $1}'|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn|head -10
     65 exit
     65 cd
     54 ls
     44 wget
     41 su
     29 cp
     26 du 
     18 mv
     17 xmms
     17 killall

As you can see, I'm using my ETerm mostly for file-management.
The last two entries are in direct connection and indicate some problems with my audio playing software... (Smiley: smile)

As root it's looking like this:

enterprise-c phil $ history|awk '{print $2}'|awk 'BEGIN {FS="|"} {print $1}'|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn|head -10
    341 emerge
     31 exit
     13 mcedit
     13 etc-update
     10 ls
      9 umount
      8 cd
      8 /etc/init.d/apache2
      6 make
      6 cp

So the normal administration things...

[ Via The lunatic Fringe (Tim Pritlove) ]
And I finally have to include the trackback ping function into my blog...

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Wednesday, 20. September 2006

Language conflict


Note yet wide awake... Bad english... Wrong URL... http://en.wikipedia.de/ *babble* Need Earl Grey... *stammer* (Smiley: tired)

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Data traces 3: Risks of the Web 2.0


This is the third part of the series “data traces”, a bunch of posts that explain, where you leave intended or unintended data behind and why this is good or bad. You can find more information in the initation post of this series.

The web is changing. Daily. Houry... Tut, more often and much faster. Okay, you probably knowed that before. However: The web was changing in a never seen manner during the last months. It was reaching the next step of evolution. The people that are more or less compatible to the computer language would say: The web is growing into it's next version – into the Web 2.0. There are a lot of services, applications and philosophies that belong to the Web 2.0 and that you may have used before: You are reading blogs (for instance this site), you may have watched (private) Videos on YouTube, you are communication with a friend that uses GMail, the Wikipedia is your new standard reference book and you have listened to the one or the other Podcast. If these statements are more or less correct for you, you are in the middle of the current “Hype”, that has become in fact more than a Hype. Why can this be bad? I will show you...

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Monday, 18. September 2006

Concertreview: Andromeda in Aschaffenburg


On Wednesday evening I took the (quite) rare chance and I was watching Andromeda live. I coincidental stumbled on their website again and I was surprised, that they have released their third album “Chimera” three month ago and that they are doing a small Tour through Europe to promote the album. There were three concerts in Germany and the one in Aschaffenburg was the nearest, so I took the 200 kilometer journey to check if the guys are really able to perform the stuff live that they are playing in the studio

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Friday, 08. September 2006

"The Wedding" from Nicholas Sparks


Is it real? The “Sincere Amore”, like it is called at Caroline in the City? The never ending love, that is never called into question? Is it possible that ones is as happy as newly lovers?
These question are the main theme in the novel “The Wedding” from Nicholas Sparks, the author that is particularly known because of his two picturised acts “Message in a Bottle” and “The Notebook”

Photo of the Bookcover

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Wednesday, 06. September 2006

The Power of Hawaiian shirts...


is demonstrated in the best way, when you go into the next Apple Store and document the reaction of the mostly black turleneck- and designerglasses wearing salespersons. Note: The more colored the shirt is, the better is the result!
But unfortunately no one was able to help me there with my actual problem.

Virtually filed under: Prejudice- and Cliché availment in the world of geeks.

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Star Trek and plastic stretching


For me as a “User” of advertising, it's mostly annoying, in best case it's tolerable. There are only a few exceptions that really make me laugh, thining or something other meaningful. On the backside of the actual (german) Star Trek Magazine is an ad, that I think is really cool:

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Wonder of nature


Today: Potatoe in form of a heart. Found in garden just now, bad photographed.

Potatoe in form of a heart.

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Sunday, 03. September 2006

Job: Trekkie


Amazon List; Job of the list creator: Trekkie

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Friday, 01. September 2006

"The Ashes of Eden" from William Shatner


Besides reference books and books that make me thinking and/or crying, I like novels which take place in the Star Trek universe. Recently I have read such a novel, namely “The ashes of Eden” written by William Shatner. Shatner is known by most people in the role of James T. Kirk from the first Star Trek series and the first 7 Star Trek movies. His Star Trek novels belong to the most popular and most selling “of their kind” (Hint! Hint! (Smiley: grin)). “The Ashes of Eden” is the first part of a trilogy and it starts chronologically afer the incidents of Star Trek 6.

Photo of the book

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