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Archive - May 2007

Thursday, 24. May 2007

Blessing in disguise für programmer


Disguise: Wrote a method just now, that was still existing in this class.
Blessing: Both methods were except for one variablename ($cid/$id) truly the same. (Smiley: grin)

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#23: 9


You only need 23 random people to have an over 50% probability, that two of them have birthday on the same day.

That's then called birthday paradoxon and was sent to me by zeroterm who surely wants to spill out 23 mate bottles over me, because after such a long time I didn't find the possibilty to make a more verbose post about that. (Smiley: sad)

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Monday, 21. May 2007

Which File Extension Are You?


Lunchtime = time where i have only one hand free because the other one is occupied with food delivery = ideal time for tests.

This time it's the “Which File Extension Are You?” test:
The test result

Not bad, but when I have a look to the list of all possible results, I think ogg would better fit to me.

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Friday, 18. May 2007

Getting the current DPI value in xorg


Something for the virtual notebook again:

xdpyinfo | grep -B1 dot

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Wednesday, 16. May 2007

Tizzy in the company



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Monday, 14. May 2007

Which programming language are you?


I'm LISP. This test says that at least.

Very few people like you (Probably because you use too many parenthesis (You better stop it (Really)))

Could be true, I'm really nesting too much with parenthesis.

I'm curious what my fellow is saying about that.

[ Via #!/bin/blog ]

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Wednesday, 09. May 2007

If Linux distributions were women: Part 2 [Update 2]


function main() { $m=new MediaObject(); $s1=$m->loadSound("fanfare.ogg"); $s2=$m->loadSound("applause.ogg"); $m->playSound($s1); sleep(1); $m->playSound($s2,"fade-in"); }

Entertainer: After the big success of “If Linux Distributions were womengrindblog.de and geeks-have-feelings-too.net present the second part of this series. Have a lot of fun during the show.

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I'm shocked


Why do I seem to be a vegetarian?
That's not intended or wanted.

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Friday, 04. May 2007

And why?


I'm asking myself why this thing with the meta keywords is one of the most persisting webmyths. Really, don't know.

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23: #8


Already now the road traffic regulations […] in paragraph 23 sorts out, that view and hearing are not allowed to be interfered.golem.de

Of course, you have to be open for the message. (Smiley: grin)

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Thursday, 03. May 2007

If Linux distributions were women [Update]


I'm proud I'm allowed to present the translationed version of the text “If Linux distributions were women“ which was originally released by Magnus Niemann.

And now let's go on.

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Wednesday, 02. May 2007



On Chieftech cases of the Dragon series, you have to close the bottom front barrier then the top front barrier and then side panel.

Otherwise you'll squeeze yourself and the top front barrier nearly to death.

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