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Archive - February 2008

Thursday, 28. February 2008



I heard about them so often, but I adddd them just yesterday into my feedreader: The lolcats, another page you can waste much, much hours. But I laughed a lot, very very funny:

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Tuesday, 26. February 2008

Is there someone else,…


…who thinks that the new Zend Studio 6 for Eclipse is cleary inferior to the old 5.5 version?

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[ via accessBlog ]

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Monday, 25. February 2008

Gossip Girl


Can I series with such dialogs be bad?

Person1: Wait, how can you even have an opinion on Ubuntu if you haven't tried it? 2.6 kernel, Live CD, they even had GNOME 2.0 the day Warty Warthog came out.

Person2: I'm sorry. I'm perfectly content with OS X. I have all the awk/grep-ance that I want without any need for that pitiful font de-uglification.

Person1: But the fonts are de-uglified and it's free. You know, fine, you know live in the dark ages.

Person2: I know what I like and I like what I know.

I think I'll give Gossip Girls a chance, when it's aired here in germany. Because I really want to try the first series, that was able to bring flamewars into the television. (Smiley: grin) That's why I excuse that Gnome 2.8 was shipped with Warty Warthog and not 2.0.

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Sunday, 24. February 2008

Fire Encrypter: Generating Hashs directly in the browser


I'm currently incorporating into XUL again and so I try to realize some of the ideas I collected in the last time.

One of that ideas was a small Firefox extension, which is able to generate hashes from texts (passwords for example) directly in the browser. Sometimes I need something like that, when I have to assign passwords somewhere manually (which I don't store as clear text, of course).

To make a long story short: There's already an extension, that does that. It's called Fire Encrypter and writteng by Ronald van den Heetkamp (site currently no available). After a short text, I can absolutely recommend this extension, that can do of course more that just hasing (for example generating passwords and morse code).

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Tuesday, 19. February 2008

Review: Vienna Teng - Waking Hour


The in the states living singer/songwriter/piano player Vienna Teng caught my attention, as I was searching for concertreviews of the Sarah McLachlan Show in Hamburg (Germany) 2004. As I read on this webpage something about a child of Choping and Sarah McLachlan it was absolutely clear: I had to know this music.

The songs on the webpage (attention, flash alert!) were quite good and because Miss Teng was on mini-tour in Germany, the CDs were available. This review covers her first albm Waking Hour, which does, against all my expectations, not sound like a typical first (=raw) long player.

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Monday, 18. February 2008

Dream Theater - Nightmare Cinema


Dream Theater and music videos are a special thing: There's not much coverage on the “relevant” music stations, the songs must be shrinked to fit the video, and it's a pity, that the productions are hard to find. That's why DT put up the Dream Theater Nightmare Cinema.

Currently on screen are Forsaken, Constation Motion, a mashup made during the recording sessions of The Dark Eternal Night, a trailer about the comming Pink Floyd Hommage and the legendary Octavarium animation.

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Wow, there's a more geeky alarm clock, than Clocky: Chumby can be online and so it shows RSS, Internet Radio, Podcasts, Weather forecast and it looks good, too. Two USB ports are included two. For that, I think the price of 180 Dollar is okay. Well… (Smiley: grin)

[ Via geeksugar ]

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Sunday, 17. February 2008

Review: Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos


Systematic Chaos is the nineth album you can buy from the New Yorker band, by now. How the disc claims in comparement to the other, especially the, in my opinion, great predecessor called Octavarium, you can read here in this review.

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Airflowrate conversion


CFM * 1.676190476 = m3/h

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Wednesday, 06. February 2008

TrueCrypt for Mac OS X is in the air [Update]


No, I'm not talking about the fork I mentioned some days ago. TrueCrypt 5.0 really supports OS X out of the box. As soon as the website is available again, one can start testing. DMG files are offered for Intel and PPC machines that run with Tiger or Leopard.

If someone already has the package and would send it to me, I will mirror it here for some time. I thought about it and will not mirroring the file, because I can't assure that it is the original file.

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Saturday, 02. February 2008

In the supermarket


Fortunately there's not much going on in the supermarket on a saturday afternoon. So I had only three people in front of me at the cashpoint: A young guy and two hard to classify the age women, that were only able to talk with dancing hands.

I recognized both before, when I was standing by the butchery and they were by a rack near me, “discussing” what kind of sausage they are going to buy.
So, as I said, I met them at cash point again and they were paying at this moment and then they wanted to tell the till girl something, but she didn't understand.

As the communication problem was seemingly solved, the girl – I'm not sure if she talked to herself or to the guy in front of me – said I wanna learn that language, too when I have lot of time left.

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“Rock Band” delayed


It looks like we have to wait until 2009 to play Rock Band in our living rooms, here in europa. But the Wii will be supported, too.

Source: forums.maxconsole.net and some other german websites.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, wath this video:

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Friday, 01. February 2008

WebDAV with Windows Explorer


I still have another sysadmin post for today… (Smiley: smile) I wanted to note the following somewhere:

WebDAV rocks! But, if you want to do it with some windows client and the windows explorer – Microsoft claims that the explorer is able to speak WebDAV – you should add the following lines to your Apache Config:

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Other mothers penguins animals *argh* have nice daughters, too…


…and it's also cool to ride on FreeBSD, Me, after bringing my first FreeBSD based server into production state.

If you played around with Debian oder Gentoo before you might also give FreeBSD a shot. I think I will use it more in the future, it's a nice system.

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People, be aware of long paths


This week held one of the surprises, one never needs. To make it short:
The Windows Explorer isn't able to handle paths with more than 256 chars.

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Mounting FreeBSD partitions with Linux


… works a bit different.

Let's assume you have a harddrive with one partition, sliced in three “FreeBSD partitions”, then cfdisk will show only one real partition. But dmesg show the other partitions, too, so you can mount them anyway:

mount -t ufs -o ro,ufstype=ufs2 /dev/hda2 /mnt/bsd1 mount -t ufs -o ro,ufstype=ufs2 /dev/hda3 /mnt/bsd2 mount -t ufs -o ro,ufstype=ufs2 /dev/hda4 /mnt/bsd3

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