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Friday, 04. July 2008

About Foxes, toasters and clocks [Update]


Foxes and toaster… These both were my topics in the last weeks – and the reasons why there's currently not much going on here. Curiously enough the new Firefox 3 united boh in an easteregg.

My lesser output is also, because I'm not very happy with the whole concept and especially with the software, so that's why the thoughts of doing a relaunch appeared in my mind several times in the last months. Especially the reviews and the english duplication of most contents are too much. The fact that all posts are written in handcrafted HTML is not very helpfull, too. Finally there's too less feedback, so I think it's better when I will dislocate my efforts into more effective channels.

That doesn't not mean that I'm going to kick the whole blog from the internet. But I will surely remove the english section. And I wanted to write down my current thoughts, maybe I see a bit clearer now. Let's see…

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Wednesday, 07. November 2007

Worked a little bit on the blog


I make it short: This blog can now handle Tags, too. In the frontend you can recognize it only as a list with links to Technorati. I'm not sure, if I should do a own tag filtering, so currently the linking to Technorati is quite okay for me.

I also tuned the HTML structure, so now the main blog template really validates, and you'll get a 100% valid page, if I make no fault in the entries.

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Tuesday, 23. October 2007

Print me


This blog is printable now. That means the printing version is better. Optimized printing quasi.

In the ideal case it looks like this.

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Tuesday, 16. October 2007



Because of multiple requests of a single Zeroterm (that's something I always wanted to write (Smiley: grin)) this blog has no a common commentfeed.

The URL for the english Feed is http://geeks-have-feelings-too.net/feed/comments/.
You can find the german version at http://geeks-have-feelings-too.net/feed/kommentare/

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Tuesday, 09. October 2007

Just to stick on it…


Blogging is life! (Smiley: yeah)

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Tuesday, 25. September 2007

Moving finished [Update]


All clear. Everything seems fine. And faster, too. Great, I'm happy!

Update: After turning off the register_globals option, the language- and the styleswitcher is working again.

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Monday, 24. September 2007

Moving Announcement


This Blog is moving to another server moving this week, so there may be some short failures.

No helpers are needed, everything is quite compact here. Merely the MySQL database must be splitted in multiple boxes, but that's no problem.

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Thursday, 30. August 2007

I plead in mitigation


Yep, I'm guilty. And the judgement is fair. But, two days without blogging, with my blog. I know that the blogosphere can bear two days without me, and the feed readers out there had one more possibilty to check their error handlers. So, it wasn't too bad, I think. (Smiley: wink)

What happened? I wanted to transfer the database to my new Macbook and I clicked the wrong button in the wrong window. That's it, I admit it, there's no excuse.

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Monday, 09. July 2007

Gone fishing


A short message: From tomorrow, I'm not in germany for one week. In this time, the comment- and the trackbackfunction are not active.

Please keep your fingers crossed, that I'll survive my first two flights. (Smiley: wink)

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Monday, 02. July 2007

half slashdotted


Well, obviously someone has deposited a link on the “If Linux Distributions were women”-story on Slashdot.

As a matter of principle I'm happy about the results my traffic counter shows me, so I had something like a mini Slashdot Effect. But on the other hand, I'm not sure, what I should think about, when one of the comments says, that this site reads like a chinese fortune cookie… What the hell does this mean? Is my english so bad? (Smiley: sad)

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Wednesday, 04. April 2007



My webspace provider, on which this blog is hosted at, was so nice and upgraded my packet for free. So now I have SSH access and therefore I can have cronjobs. So I swaped the parts in which external data was loaded on each page reload into a simple include. The actual loading of the data is made asynchron via some cronjobs. I hope the performance enhancement is noticeable and you can now enjoy this blog more, even if the loading time isn't at the optimum yet.

PS: The linking of the providers is not meant as a recommendation. I mentioned it because of completeness.

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Sunday, 11. March 2007

Spam guard phase 3


Well, I hacked in the third part of my spam protection experiment. The question is now a little bit different and at the moment it's every time the same question. I'm curious, how the results will be. In the last time it was quite extrem.

And, the correct answer is “milk” of course. (Smiley: smile)

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Wednesday, 28. February 2007



The one or the other may have noticed it already: The MySQL Database Server of the weblog is very unstable and is freezing in the last time. I'll have an eye on that problem in the next several days, in the worst case I have to migrate the database to another server or maybe I will change the provider.

I hope it's not too disturbing for you and the downtime keeps within a limit...

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Wednesday, 17. January 2007

Spam guard phase 2


I activated the second phase of the “spam guard” für my blog here, because the first one was only successful at the beginning. This time the Bot doesn't have to “set a checkbox”, it has to choose the right value from a list. I'm curious about the result of this experiment.

For the next step I'm planing a text-CAPTCHA. Maybe I'll experiment a lil'bit with the amount of options in the selectbox. We'll see...

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Saturday, 13. January 2007

Spam again


It looks, that my first Spam-Defense-Idea only worked for a short time. I think I'll spent some time next week, with realisizing a second step. Please note, if you are reading here something about porn or strange pharmaceutical stuff, it's just spam that I haven't deleted yet.

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Thursday, 04. January 2007



Now I'm back online in my “new” flat! (Smiley: dido)

Don't know what to do first... Okay, let's start with an emerge --sync.

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Friday, 08. December 2006

Comments turned on again


Yes, today I had some minutes to install the first step of my spam protection. The comments are active again and in the future the trackbacks have to be released from me first.
So, let's see, when I have time to make some content here...

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Wednesday, 01. November 2006

Commentspam: Comments deactivated


Well, I'm almost happy about the commentspam of the last two days. That's a perfect template for a new article and I can experiment a bit. Only the time is not choosen very well. But I wrote that before...

What's going on here now? I'm thinking about a multi-step-program to figure out this problem. The first step is to deactivate the commentation function. I'm not really sure for how long. It depends on my time and it depends on the reaction of my opposite-side, too.

I'm sorry about this drastic measure, I hope it's not needed for a longer time. Everyone who wants to contact me, can do this via email: geek_at_geeks-have-feelings-too_dot_net (of course you have to normalize this).

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Tuesday, 31. October 2006

Grrrrrr - Commentspam


It was so clear, no sooner I'm moving, the commentspam is spreading from one entry to all the others. I deleted a lot of “comments” some minutes ago. Sorry, it's all I can do at the moment, because I don't have the time to do code some counter measures. It's possible, that I'll deactivate the comments for some time. Like I said, when there is more time...

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Friday, 23. June 2006

My Blog rules


Even when the www is a very free area, one needs rules (like in real life) so that the "living together" can work. The people of the usenet have then already detected this and they developed the netiquette thereupon.So that this blog works I have made myself a small list of blog rules.

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Wednesday, 21. June 2006

Yes, this blog is multilingual


This blog is available in two languages: In german and in english. I wasn't realising that because of too much time. I want to improve my english! I'm reading a lot of articles in english in the meantime. I'm watching the old Star Trek TOS episodes in english, too. But i'm already not feeling comfortable with this language. To improve that i really wanted to create my blog bolingual. I'm trying to translate as much posts as possible. At the moment all posts were translated.

If you need something to laugh, you can read the english version of this website, like you're doing at the moment. If you find failures, please let me know! I want to learn. That's true for both languages. (Smiley: smile)

An advice: The comment- and diskussionlefs for the germand and the english version of a post are equal. I hope the discussions will be enforced and more interesting by doing that.

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Sunday, 18. June 2006

Thanks to Markus Gann


Almost forgotten: Perhaps you have recognized that this weblog has two different designs. You can switch the design by using the link in the category "Change the emotion".
In my design called "Not me, not I" i'm using a picture of Markus Gann in the header image. The image is one of his terragen renderings with the name "moon and stars". You can watch in in his terragen gallery number 18. He allowed me to use this picture for this weblog. A really big thanks again to Markus Gann. Please have a look at his website. He is really making unbelievable nice landscaperenderings!

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Saturday, 17. June 2006

"Hello world..."


Everyone who has read farther than the first 20 pages of a book of $programminglanguage knows this sentence already. Hello World. For some strange reasons i never liked that standardexample. Because everyone is using it. I've heard about an author of a programmingbook who was explicitly writing, that he will not use this sentence for the first example. I think i would like this guy. (Smiley: smile)

But i think for my first blogentry it's a compatible headline. I welcome the whole world, the blogosphere, everyone that lost his/her way to this place.

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