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Archive - August 2006

Wednesday, 30. August 2006

Review: Wolfgang Schmid - Special Kick


Because I was pretty enthused about the “Special Kick” concert in June (Concertreview), I had to get the CD for myself, so I could listen to it closer.

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Tuesday, 29. August 2006

Whereof you recognize a Systemadministrator?


Today: The overworked sysadmin

You are an (maybe overworked) sysadmin, when you try to authenticate yourself on the companies printer with your bank identifier code.

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Monday, 28. August 2006



Image of a TV that shows the startscreen of a NES game

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Wednesday, 23. August 2006

Massive Nerd Mode


<?php $status=50; $now=mktime(21,13,42,8,23,2006); $scene->set_time($now); $human->set_name="Me"; if($human->get_classification()==="geek") { do { $progress=programm_website(); if($progress===false) { $human->sleep(21600); continue; } }while($status<=100); } else { $human->do_something_relaxing(); } function programm_website() { global $human; global $status; while($status<100) { $human->programm_website(); if($human->get_status()==="hungry") { $human->change_mode("massive_nerd"); $human->eat("pizza"); continue; } elseif($human->get_status()==="tired") { $status+=0.005; continue; } elseif($human->get_status()==="really_tired") { return false; } $status+=0.01; } return true; } ?>
Damn, grease Spots on my keyboard again. Fucking Pizza...

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Friday, 18. August 2006

Friday Five: Birhtdays


Today from Friday Five

  1. Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake?

    No, I don't. I don't like these “wish you something” on special events. The thing with the small meteorit is nice, but it's too unrealistic, too.

  2. Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes?


  3. How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g., love the attention, just another day, don't want anyone to know my real age, etc.)

    It depends. I've always hated, if they were required courses. It doesn't matter if it was the own birthday or the birthdays of others. This “Be honest and congratulate ” even if you don't really know the person is really annoying and peer pressuring. Of course the own birthday party with the family and the very best friends is something special and really nice. Everything else on that day is like always, only a bit more annoying

  4. Tell us a favorite gift you've received, or something you'd really like for your next birthday.

    I remember well on that birthday, when I got a gambeoy (The wikipedia entry for the younger people (Smiley: wink)). My parents were always a bit conservative on the gameboy topic and it took a long time, but sometime they cave in. The best was, that I was really surprised!

  5. What flavor cake?

    Especially on my birhtday: (Gewürz-)Schnitten (sorry, I don't know how to translate this). My mum is making them the first time of the year on my birthday, because it's a “christmas cake”. Around christmas they are very popular in my family.

[via The Friday Five]

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Wednesday, 16. August 2006

236 unread items


236 unread items in my feedreader

Result of one long working day, with almost no time for feed reading.

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Friday, 11. August 2006

Data traces 2: Call my website and I'll tell you, who you are [Update]


This is the second part of the series “data traces”, a bunch of posts that explain, where you leave intended or unintended data behind and why this is good or bad. You can find more information in the initation post of this series.

In this part I want to tell you, which data are seen by a website respictively it's operator, once you have accessed it.

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Thursday, 10. August 2006

Grrrrrrr: IE7


I notice almost every single day, that the IE isn't it worth to be called a browser. But when I see, how less the IE7 really supports at the moment (and it will probably not be better when it's “finished” ), I'm becoming a bit aggressive: Webdevout Browser Support Summary Chart. Anyway thanks to the people at webdevout, interesting stuff.

[via jot*be :: Daily]

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Wednesday, 09. August 2006

Data traces 1: Have you already googeled your boy friend today? [Update]


This is the first part of the series “data traces”, a bunch of posts that explain, where you leave intended or unintended data behind and why this is good or bad. You can find more information in the initation post of this series.

Okay, let's start slowly. One thing, that you certainly have done before: Searched a name in a searchengine like Google. Especially you've searched your own name, the name of a friend.

One the first view, that can be quiet funny. But it has extensive consequences. One of the “main problems” of today's web and the IT-industry is, that memory capacity is very cheap. To say it in other words: The web can't forget.

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Tuesday, 08. August 2006

Data traces [Update 4]


Who are you? Where do you come from? What's your opinion about subject x? To whom have you written the last e-mail? Which browser do you use? What have you really searched, when you came to this website?
You don't know? But I do!

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Wednesday, 02. August 2006

Errormessages that make you happy


Currently on the Last.fm Website:We're sorry, but our database servers are currently overloaded. Please enjoy a quick cup of tea and then try refreshing this page.

Actually that's a good idea, the thing with the tea.

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Tuesday, 01. August 2006



Is anoyone else in a autumn-/winter-mood today and wants to have a hot bath with candles and a cup of tea best?

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Pirates of the Caribbean 2 [Update]


In fact I wanted to write a small review about the movie “Pirates of the caribbean 2” I saw on the weekend. But, why should I? Do I have to write about everything I've experienced? Should I sacrifice the half of an evening for writing about a such bad movie? A movie that consists of a strange and unsuitable mix of comedy, action- and horror-elements, so it seems that the creators of the movie couldn't decide what genre they wanted to do. A movie from which you can see that it has much (perhaps too much) budget, that was needlessly pumped in computer generated animations? A movie that surely has more than 1000 male actors, but only insists about 5 female actors, that all (Keira Knightley included) are acting too “unmodern” (yes, I mean he scene in which Elizabeth simulates the dizzy spell)? I should sacrifice time to a movie, that has a big and complex story, that has already appeared to be to lengthy to me in the cinema? Well... in fact I've done this right now. Crud!

Okay, in summary: “Pirates of the Caribbean 2” is in my eyes not a good movie. The first part of the trilogy may have reasonably been ok and I think the story is not bad, but the realisation is too boring and too much in “James Bond-style”. Every action scene has just another superlative more, that makes the scene more unrealistic and forced. The inserted humour is good, but it seems also too forced, too. Though I've never seen a James Bond movie, but I think they are like “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”. And that's the reason why I'll stay away from Bond movies and from the third part of the trilogy

Addition: The german movie rating (free for children in the age of 12 and above) is a joke and should be highered to the next step.

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