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Archive - August 2007

Friday, 31. August 2007

There's someone new…


…in my TV: House. Can anyone remember Doctor Geiger from Chicago Hope? Multiply his cynical and harsch sound bites and you have the main character of the series. (Smiley: smile)

The only problem is, that it's normal mainstream series, that is broadcasted over the normal channels. I'm just not used to this kind of broadcasting anymore, every series I'v seen in the last months was available in the internet or on DVD. That feels very old style…

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PhpMyAdmin: Importing Dumps without uploading them


Regonized this a little while ago: There's a option in the config file of PhpMyAdmin, that allows you to specify a folder, in which are Dumps for import located.

$cfg['UploadDir'] = './uploaded_dumps';

It's a good idea to let the value start with “./” and then make a relative path to you directory. The starting point is then the main folder of your PhpMyAdmin installation. After that you can find a new select box in the import menu, that allows you to select one file that has the .sql extension.

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Thursday, 30. August 2007

Important note


The pulse to blog is most extensive, when you can't serve it…

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I plead in mitigation


Yep, I'm guilty. And the judgement is fair. But, two days without blogging, with my blog. I know that the blogosphere can bear two days without me, and the feed readers out there had one more possibilty to check their error handlers. So, it wasn't too bad, I think. (Smiley: wink)

What happened? I wanted to transfer the database to my new Macbook and I clicked the wrong button in the wrong window. That's it, I admit it, there's no excuse.

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Monday, 27. August 2007

DOM: className in Internet Explorer [Update]


Just a note for me, because I'm always taken in by this:

document.getElementById("myElement").setAttribute("class","myClass"); //will not work in IE
document.getElementById("myElement").className="myClass"; //will work in IE, too.

Update: Found a fault and corrected it. See comments.

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Sunday, 26. August 2007

“Star Trek - The first adventure” by Vonda N. McIntyre out of the german omnibus volume “ Star Trek –Die Anfänge (The Incipiencies)”


Star Trek novels are most fun, when they try to answer questions that a trekkie always had on his mind: What happened with Kirk between The undiscovered Country and Generations? How was the first year of the Enterprise-E in which the ship was just hunting comets, like LaForge said? And what kind of person was Captain Pike, before he was forced to use the modern version of a wheelchair?

With the omnibus volume “Star Trek – Die Anfänge (The Incipiencies)” there're three novels in one volume, which try to describe the time before the first five years mission of the Enterprise and Captain Kirk. This review is about the first 500 pages, that are known as “The first adventure” written by Vonda N. McIntyre.

Photo of the book

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Thursday, 23. August 2007

Hey Geek, are you hungry?


Finally the geek of these days needn't to take the computer into the kitchen to have the best optimization of the “effort of getting food”-question, because now there's the PC EZ-Bake Oven available:

Photo of the 'PC EZ-Bake Oven'

You can (of course) get this gadget by ThinkGeek.

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#23: 10


After the relaunch of a marketing platform from one of our customers, the download folder has exactly 23 files.

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Wednesday, 22. August 2007

Something's wrong


Zeroterm: That's semantically wrong.
I: You are using Word!

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Monday, 20. August 2007

Big Brother State


First I had no 1984-video since a long time and (second) if Die Zeit (=german newspaper) can digg out those old files, I can do that, too:

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Sunday, 19. August 2007

“A place called here” by Cecilia Ahern


Finally I found the time, to read the fourth novel of my favourite author. Because the last one falled short of my expectation, I had not too much this time. And I think that was a good decision…

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I knew it all the time…


…ringtones have a certain rythm challenge:

Direct link

Virtually filed under: “Why didn't I had this idea?”

[Via Spreeblick]

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Thursday, 16. August 2007

“Just for fun” from Linus Torvalds


It took some time, but now the first (read) biography is detectable in my bookcase. First I thought, that biographies can never reach the depth of novels. That might be true, but in this case “Just for fun – The story of an accidental revolutionary” proved me wrong.

Photo of the book

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Monday, 13. August 2007

What are whitespaces doing…


…on black background?

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Sunday, 12. August 2007

Review: La Kinky Beat - One more Time – with listening examples!


Last year La Kinky Beat was the big surprise for me and even until now the CD has a special state in my CD stand. When friends notice that I'm listening to that album they often say “You listen to such a music?”. And somehow I'm still suprised, too.
But, what's so special about the music from that spanish band? After reading this review this question should be answered.

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Thursday, 09. August 2007

Tagged Harddisk Drive


Photo of a harddisk Drive tagged with different stickers: ide, ext3, out of order, master jumpered, 3,5 Zoll, maxtor, 250gb

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Wednesday, 08. August 2007

I don't want MP3! – an alternative suggestion


Or (the headline for technicians): Why MP3 is evil and Ogg Vorbis is political correct.

Everyone knows MP3. But it's not the one and only audio format out there. I mainly use Ogg Vorbis. I'm often asked why I'm prefering Ogg Vorbis, so I wrote this introduction to the format, to show the advantages of this alternative audio format.

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