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Tuesday, 11. March 2008

Short Editorrecommendation


I currently use Komodo Edit for coding the usual web stuff (PHP, JavaScript, HTML) at home.

An alternative I should also check in the future is the Aptana Studio

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Tuesday, 26. February 2008

Is there someone else,…


…who thinks that the new Zend Studio 6 for Eclipse is cleary inferior to the old 5.5 version?

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[ via accessBlog ]

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Sunday, 24. February 2008

Fire Encrypter: Generating Hashs directly in the browser


I'm currently incorporating into XUL again and so I try to realize some of the ideas I collected in the last time.

One of that ideas was a small Firefox extension, which is able to generate hashes from texts (passwords for example) directly in the browser. Sometimes I need something like that, when I have to assign passwords somewhere manually (which I don't store as clear text, of course).

To make a long story short: There's already an extension, that does that. It's called Fire Encrypter and writteng by Ronald van den Heetkamp (site currently no available). After a short text, I can absolutely recommend this extension, that can do of course more that just hasing (for example generating passwords and morse code).

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Monday, 28. January 2008

Time Google needs to index a page:


4 days.

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Friday, 25. January 2008

WordPress Plugin StatPress isn't counting


If the Wordpress statistic plugin Statpress isn't counting, though it's correctly installed,, you should check if your theme is calling the wp_head() function.

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Wednesday, 21. November 2007

Favicon generator


If you don't have GIMP or don't like png2ico, you can also use Favikon recently.

[ via Pixelgraphix Sideblog ]

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Thursday, 18. October 2007

Let there be light


A nice bauble felt out of the mostinspired feed yesterday: Moddpodd.com is changing the stylesheet depending on the day time.

Moddpodd.com bei tags

Moddpodd.com nachts

Nice idea, realised with Javascript (to get the local time of the user). Unfortunately there's no fallback, if JavaScript is turned off.

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Friday, 28. September 2007

Schizophrenic Webserver


Most people know that the usual beginner-webspace-products out there are so called shared hosting server. That means you're sharing the webserver with a number of other customers of your provider.

For everyone who wants meet these other “persons” that live in the same “body”, you can check your domain at myIPneighbors and have a look to your fellows.

[ via script-artists.de ]

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Tuesday, 18. September 2007

Getting access to CSS pseudo classes with DOM [Update]


If you need to do that (like me, currently), you should have a look at the DOM Stylesheet Object.

There's also a good german article that doesn't read like a (incomplete) specification on dadabase.de.

Update: You probably already guessed, that the biggest problem is the compatibility. Quirksmode.org has again a great overview what is working in which way in a certain browser.

A specific application case could be the following: You have to remove some pseudo classes (hovers, for example, if you want to enhance a suckerfish navigation). It's the easiest way, to put the CSS directives into an extra file and disable this file completely, with DOM (myStylesheet.disabled=true;).

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Friday, 31. August 2007

PhpMyAdmin: Importing Dumps without uploading them


Regonized this a little while ago: There's a option in the config file of PhpMyAdmin, that allows you to specify a folder, in which are Dumps for import located.

$cfg['UploadDir'] = './uploaded_dumps';

It's a good idea to let the value start with “./” and then make a relative path to you directory. The starting point is then the main folder of your PhpMyAdmin installation. After that you can find a new select box in the import menu, that allows you to select one file that has the .sql extension.

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Monday, 27. August 2007

DOM: className in Internet Explorer [Update]


Just a note for me, because I'm always taken in by this:

document.getElementById("myElement").setAttribute("class","myClass"); //will not work in IE
document.getElementById("myElement").className="myClass"; //will work in IE, too.

Update: Found a fault and corrected it. See comments.

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Thursday, 14. June 2007

JavaScript: get_class


 * Returns the name of the class of an object
 * NOTE: This function doesn't work with 'native code', only with user generated classes.
 * based on http://magnetiq.com/2006/07/10/finding-out-class-names-of-javascript-objects/
 * @param object The object
 * @returns mixed Returns the name of the class of which object is an instance. Returns FALSE if object is not an object.
function get_class(obj)
	if(obj && obj.constructor && obj.constructor.toString)
		var arr = obj.constructor.toString().match(/function\s*(\w+)/);
		return (arr && (arr.length==2?arr[1]:undefined));
		return undefined;
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Wednesday, 13. June 2007

Mini-Introduction to objectorientated javascript


function class()
	this.foo='foo';			//public member
	var bar='bar';			//private member
	alert("I'm a contstructor.");
	this.baz=function ()		//public method
		alert(bar);		//accessing private member
		alert(this.foo);	//accessing public member
		bam();			//calling private method
	function foba()
		alert("I'm so public");
	var bam=function()		//private method
	alert("I'm still a contstructor.");

var c=new class();

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Friday, 04. May 2007

And why?


I'm asking myself why this thing with the meta keywords is one of the most persisting webmyths. Really, don't know.

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Saturday, 21. April 2007

Cinema at geeks-have-feelings-too.net


Because I'm watching a movie on a big screen tonight, I'm presenting you another great video.

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Websiteconcepts: The first steps [Update]


When creating a concept for a new website or for a relauch it can be helpful, to have a list of “base components” first, sp you can go through it and you have to just “tick off” the points, of which you think, that they will apply for that job. You'll get ideas very fast and you'll get a rough direction or some possibilites for suggestions. When you're creating a possible structure of the web presence, this can help you to.

That's the reason why I'm posting my list, that I'm using. If anyone has additional ideas, suggestions or comment, go on and post them.

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Is the domain nuqneh.com (or .de or what ever) too complicated?

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Thursday, 12. April 2007

Correct Typography: Horizontal ellipsis, the three dots


Wrong: Hello you..., This is a [...] example quote.

Correct: Hello you, This is a [] example quote.

The coressponding unicode- or enitity-notation is: … or …

The horizontal ellipsis is very popular in Word, too, because the programm is converting three points automatically to …. This can cause to problem when copy and pasting text from word into a CM-System that can't handle recieved unicode signs.

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Correct Typography: Multiplikation [Update 2]


Wrong: 100x100 mm, 2x3, 4x speed

Correct: 100×100 mm. 2×3. 4×speed

The corresponding unicode- or entitiy-notation is: × or ×

I should pay more attention on such entity-lists.

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Wednesday, 04. October 2006

For the hungry webdeveloper


body { pudding-left: 10cm; } /* thanks to gorbi */

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Wednesday, 27. September 2006

A page to get jealous of


I don't want to cant and I don't want to post websites that just have a good or great design, there are too much of them. But this page is really good and inspiring: HoneyJazz.net. It's another example that shows, what I could do better.

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Thursday, 10. August 2006

Grrrrrrr: IE7


I notice almost every single day, that the IE isn't it worth to be called a browser. But when I see, how less the IE7 really supports at the moment (and it will probably not be better when it's “finished” ), I'm becoming a bit aggressive: Webdevout Browser Support Summary Chart. Anyway thanks to the people at webdevout, interesting stuff.

[via jot*be :: Daily]

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